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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The ‘Home Alone’ Christmas adventure.

Everyone knows the classic movie ‘Home Alone 2’ - a little kid alone in the big city, stays in a luxury hotel at Christmas and gets up to trouble. Now image you in your own UK version of ‘Home Alone’. You can stay in a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of London at Christmas time, with Oxford Street giving you everything you could possibly want and need, allowing you pliantly of opportunities to get into trouble and have an adventure.    
So recreate the Home Alone feel and book yourself into a luxury boutique hotel like The Leonard Hotel. You can wake up in a palace, have room service cater to your every need and desire. Let your inner big kid come out and play. Enjoy the marvellous food and dine like a king. Then once you step outside, round the corner you have the magic and wonders of Oxford Street at Christmas!
Christmas on Oxford Street is always a huge spectacle, it starts off with a celebrity turning on the lights. The high street stores introduce their late shopping hours and then everywhere you look there is a special offer or sale.
Jingle bells, snow, Christmas trees, presents, candy cane, mistletoe and everything Christmas is right round the from The Leonard Hotel, on Oxford Street. 
For the family there are plenty of Santa’s grottos to visit and toy stores to shop at. For the adults there are open all hour bars (mulled wine) and shopping sprees. Oxford Street offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences at Christmas and you will never be left with nothing to do.
Once you are tired and all done, return to the boutique hotel that is The Leonard Hotel for a fine dining experience and accommodation that is one in a million. The Leonard Hotel is ideally situated less than 5 min away from Oxford Street you will not have far to walk to a comfortable and warm bed. Make your Christmas shopping experience one to remember, make it a unique and special event. For more information on rooms available at The Leonard Hotel and further information on Christmas bookings contact us.

A boutique hotel is so much more than just a bed.

When you stay at a boutique hotel, it not just a good bed and a big room you want, it’s all about the detail. The small things that help make your stay special. The little chocolate on your pillow, the small toiletry cases in the bathroom and the little notes by the telephone.
The Food:
Here at the Leonard Hotel we have a fabulous restaurant, Seymour’s. The first class restaurant offers the best dining experience, quality food prepared and made fresh for you on the day. The restaurant offers a wide range of food and will cater to your dietary requirements. You will be seated in a beautiful atmosphere amongst beautiful artwork and surrounding that would make the dining experience that bit more special. The food is exquisitely presented and will not disappoint your taste buds.
The Staff:
The staff at The Leonard Hotel are there to ensure your stay at the boutique hotel is everything you expected and more. If you prefer to have your meal in your room simply call reception and they can take your order and ensure you still have everything you require. If you need transport to take you to the theatre, call reception and transport can be arranged. Whatever it is you require - from extra towels and a taxi to a pair of tights and nappies, out friendly staff are here to help and will always try to go above and beyond your expectations.
The Atmosphere:
Many hotels try and give you everything, but miss the most important thing - the atmosphere. You could stay in a palace, but if it feels cold and unwelcoming, you won’t stay where again. Everyone knows that a good quality boutique hotel will have a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere. The Leonard Hotel makes the extra effort to ensure your stay is somewhere you don’t feel cautious but comfortable, somewhere you won’t stress but instead you relax, a place that has that feeling of “Wow! That was perfect”.
For more information on what our boutique hotel has to offer contact us now.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Stay at hotels near Oxford Street for a Christmas shopping trip

As winter draws in, the festive spirit is bubbling up inside of all of us and it will soon be time to start preparations for this merry time of year. One great way to get more enjoyment out of what can be a very panicked and stressful few months is to plan ahead and be prepared – by organising a trip, you can make an enjoyable event out of it - either time to take yourself for some truly dedicated shopping/alone time or invite the girls and make a group escapade out of it. Whichever way you think about it, a shopping weekend is a fantastic way to get prepared and into the Christmas spirit and what better destination than our energetic and vivacious capital in which case you will need to look at hotels near Oxford Street.
Although gift giving is a beautiful thing, the pressures of Christmas can mount up and become too much, this year break the habit of leaving things to the last minute, plan ahead and enjoy the experience more. Allowing yourself to let your hair down with friends will make you feel on top form when the time comes for basting the turkey.
Oxford Street is the central destination for all shoppers, a perfect place to load up on stocking fillers and see the lights. There are a large choice of hotels near Oxford Street but be sure to do your research - although location is massively important (and you should aim to be no more than a stone's throw from the main area if you are to fit in the maximum amount of retail therapy in one day), do not forget about the quality of your accommodation. A boutique hotel like The Leonard is a great option with an intimate feel that can guarantee maximum local knowledge and advice to help with your bargain hunting and set you on your way for a most productive stay.
You may find other hotels near Oxford Street not to the same standard as the Leonard, and it is important to make the most of your stay in London and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable hotel after such a tiring day pounding the pavement spending your hard earned cash.  The Leonard is a beautiful boutique and perfectly located hotel which, unlike other such hotels near Oxford Street, offers a high level of service and a range of beautifully decorated rooms suited for families, couples, individuals and groups. The great place to base yourself for a pre-Christmas weekend in the city, with the West End just a few tube stops away and top attractions like Marble Arch and the London Eye right round the corner.

What are Boutique hotels? And what makes them different from the rest?

The latest thing in hospitality seems to be the boutique hotels popping up in London and all over the country. There is no shame in admitting that you’re not 100%  sure what the real meaning of the term 'boutique' in this context is, or why in fact this term is used in connection with certain hotels and not others and of course the main question is: what are the benefits of staying in these types of hotels? 

London is filled with huge and anonymous hotels so one major benefit from these so called ‘boutique’ hotels is that they are smaller - the idea being that a higher level of service is provided with the fewer rooms they have. As per the enthusiasts of this business, a hotel with no more than 100 rooms can proudly be called a boutique hotel. It undoubtedly adds a sense of luxury and indulgence to a stay when there is the space to provide a more personal experience.

Boutique hotels often have a unique theme – this can be outlandish and general to the whole hotel (for example, a specific time period, bold colour scheme or motif) or added in more modest touches (with original artwork, designer toiletries or natural materials).

Another key characteristic is the intimacy of the hotel and how this atmosphere is achieved. To qualify as a boutique hotel, particularly in London where there is such competition, the d├ęcor needs to be of a very high quality – whether contemporary or elegantly classic, there needs to be an attention to detail and unquestionable authenticity. The ambience should be spot on - an oasis in the heart of London – and, as previously mentioned, it needs to offer a level of personal service that is virtually unachievable in large chain hotels.

Essentially, this comes from the staff themselves who, through a pro-active attitude, can elevate the experience of all patrons - when staying in a boutique London hotel, guests will expect the service to be faultless as a given but the expectation is also that the staff should know, in advance, their requirements as opposed to merely responding to them when asked.

And, although it is true that to feel like a boutique hotel the service should be more personal, it is imperative when operating in major cities and or business districts that everything is still handled professionally. In terms of familiarity it is important to know the line.